Democracy & Democratic Citizenship

Promoting and strengthening democracy is not synonymous with imposing democracy, which tends to be where the stress lies when the world is watching. Educating and enabling communities struggling with this issue is paramount. Extensive research and studies conducted with the help of local communities and stakeholders in the field facilitates this effort.

Human Rights & Safety

We aim to support and defend human rights and fundamental freedoms and are especially dedicated to raising awareness about important topics such as migrant and conflict-refugee crises that has affected the Balkan and European landscape.

Nonviolence & Peace

Promoting the culture of nonviolence and peace is of great importance to Future Forum. In light of existing humanitarian, reconciliation and peace-building issues in the region, we are constantly seeking opportunities to raise awareness and educate local communities, particularly the youth population, on the topics of tolerance, cultural diversity and peace-building.

Future Forum

Story About Us

Future Forum is a non-governmental organization (NGO) working to strengthen democracy and increase democratic citizenship, support human rights and safety, as well as promote nonviolence and peace.  By focusing on these goals we aim to facilitate the development of communities in which fundamental human rights and personal freedoms are at risk or have been violated.

Migrants die every day
Families a day lose their homes
People die in a day from war
People die every day of hunger
Make the world a better place

Located in Split, Croatia, Future Forum engages local communities to increase their development and capacity by bringing together subject matter experts to educate those who want to help.  Future Form enables communities’ capability to advance in local democracy, safety and peacebuilding.  We aim to realize small to medium scale projects throughout the Balkan region and further abroad in areas impacted by current or recent conflict.

Establishing communication and cooperation with like-minded domestic and international NGOs and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) is key in the sense that such groups, working together, further strengthen democratic ideas and values.

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