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Future Forum


Future Forum, together with like-minded NGOs and CSOs, as well as the general public, aims to bring about positive change in the following areas: democracy and the promotion of democratic citizenship, support to human rights, safety and security, and non-violent peace building. Given the background of Future Forum members, other thematic areas are also of interest, such as sustainable development, civil society promotion, and preventing violent extremism.

Democracy & Democratic Citizenship

Promoting and strengthening democracy is not synonymous with imposing democracy, which tends to be where the stress lies when the world is watching.  Educating and enabling communities struggling with this issue is paramount.  Extensive research and studies conducted with the help of local communities and stakeholders in the field facilitates this effort.  Local ground-truth research enables us to bring about peace, stability and security that in turn facilitates community development, strengthens their own democratic ideas and values, promotes conflict resolution and peace-building, as well as accountability and transparency.  Perhaps most importantly, Future Forum aims to inform and teach communities how to become aware of and resolve potentially destabilizing, emerging issues before they spill over into conflict.

Human Rights & Safety

We aim to support and defend human rights and fundamental freedoms and are especially dedicated to raising awareness about important topics such as migrant and conflict-refugee crises that has affected the Balkan and European landscape.  In this regard, we work to increase tolerance and safety for homeless or displaced persons and socially or economically disadvantaged populations.  Through our previous and ongoing research concerning migrant movements and conflict-refugee safety and security programs in Croatia and the Balkans, one of our primary goals is to asses and assist in particular Croatia’s ability and willingness to welcome and integrate conflict refugees into local communities.  As this is an ongoing issue, local communities seek clarification familiarization with this problem, which is why organizing, co-hosting or facilitating workshops and seminars focused on this topic is a crucial part of our annual work plan.

Nonviolence & Peace

Promoting the culture of nonviolence and peace is of great importance to Future Forum.  In light of existing humanitarian, reconciliation and peace-building issues in the region, we are constantly seeking opportunities to raise awareness and educate local communities, particularly the youth population, on the topics of tolerance, cultural diversity and peace-building.  Our programs are especially designed to concentrate on the primary and secondary school segments of society, as these groups tend to be more exposed and vulnerable to extremist or non-traditional ideals.  Through collaboration with local partners Future Forum organizes workshops and seminars within the context of sensitizing the audience to those current problems of the world most likely to impact or affect their lives in the near- and long-term.  Recently, Future Forum embarked on initiatives to conduct or facilitate research focused on post-Arab Spring stabilization and countering violent extremism programs and similar opportunities to engage and protect ‘at-risk’ communities.